About Gann Parternship

At Our Core



To guide families through successful separations.



We believe that while marriage may not be forever, family is. We aim to change the divorce process from a legal battle to a cooperative, respectful negotiation that puts your family first.

Gann Partnership is a financial services firm founded in 1989 to help families work towards financial independence. 

Soon after inception, we found our niche in marital, family, and divorce advocacy and mediation. In addition to managing assets and building financial plans, we work alongside attorneys and mental health specialists to guide families through successful divorce settlements. 

Gann Partnership has a family-first philosophy, both in its financial planning and divorce financial analysis. 

Gregory Gann, CDFA®, Esq.


Gregory Gann started Gann Partnership in 1989, bringing an unparalleled combination of skills and experience as a licensed attorney, mediator, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.


While Greg is an attorney and member of the Bar, he specifically does not practice law and prefers to collaborate and complement his specialty in coordination with practicing attorneys.

Contemplating a divorce?

Call us at 410-415-5505 or email Greg at gregory.gann@gannpartnership.com to see if we can help you reach a successful divorce outcome.