Divorce Financial Analysis

Divorce is a difficult and expensive process to go through⁠—and one that so many families have to experience. Our goal is to make it easier for you and guide your family through a successful separation, not a legal battle. 

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst uses a collaborative, cooperative approach to settling divorce cases. We work alongside divorce attorneys, family therapists, and child specialists to help families separate with respect and dignity. 

In this process, a CDFA will analyze your entire financial world, including joint bank accounts, shared property, retirement benefits, and more, in order to craft an agreement in which each party recieves an equitable share. 

Why use a CDFA?

Divorce has two main challenges: family and finances. We work to make the process of divorce one that preserves familial ties through mediation, financial negotiation, and creative resolutions. Using a CDFA alongside an attorney⁠—not in place of one⁠—can streamline the financial negotiation in a way that is beneficial to both parties, and faster and less expensive than a typical legal battle.

The difference:

You’ve spent your life growing your assets and building your wealth. Why leave them in the hands of a lawyer?

 A lawyer is an expert on the law, not on finance. A CDFA has the skills and experience needed to design a financial agreement. We consider everything, including things that a lawyer simply can’t, such as:

  • How each asset and account will be taxed in the future
  • Opportunity costs associated with different decisions
  • How assets can be expected to appreciate or deppreciate 

What is a CDFA?

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Is a CDFA right for your family?

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