Introducing the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Divorce is a difficult and expensive process to go through⁠—and one that so many families have to experience. Our goal is to make it easier for you and guide your family through a successful separation, not a legal battle. 


What we do:

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, we use a collaborative, cooperative approach to settle divorce cases. We work alongside divorce attorneys, family therapists, and child specialists to help families separate with respect and dignity. 


Why use a CDFA?

Divorce has two main challenges: family and finances. We work to make the process of divorce one that preserves familial ties through mediation, financial negotiation, and creative resolutions. Using a CDFA alongside an attorney⁠—not in place of one⁠—can streamline the financial negotiation in a way that is beneficial to both parties, and faster and less expensive than a typical legal battle.

Is a CDFA right for your family?

Call us at 410-415-5505 or email to see if we can help you reach a successful divorce outcome.